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With over a decade of experience and  ASE-certified mechanics, I want to help you keep your fleet in the field, well-serviced, and on the road with our Commercial Truck Repair in Fort Worth.

We work with a number of consumer and commercial diesel brands.
We also work with multiple industry vendors like:
-Detroit Diesel
-International Engines

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Our Main Diesel Repair Services

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Diesel Powertrain Troubleshoot

Trying to figure out what the rattle in your engine bay is? Maybe you're noticing issues getting into gear. No matter the problem, we work to diagnose and fix issues that could affect your vehicle and get you back on the road.
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Diesel Vehicle upkeep

Your Vehicle works hard. That's why we work hard to perform all the needed maintenance and then some. We make sure that your vehicle is in the best shape so it can last you as long as you need.
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Diesel Fleet repair and upkeep

Have commercial trucks? We work with local contractors so fleet upkeep isn't a new game to us. With Montes Diesel Repair, you'll find Diesel Fleet Repair services in Fort Worth to fit your needs and keep your business running.

No Matter The Problem - We Have The Expertise

Montes Diesel Repair is a Certified Diesel Repair Technician in Fort Worth for the following Brands:

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Detroit Diesel
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Our Other Diesel Services

Belts and Chains

Going past your hours limit and think it's time for a new serpentine? Engine not firing quite right and need your timing chain's adjusted? We can help.

Coolant flush

Engine showing signs of over heating? We can diagnose cooling loop issues and do fixes from coolant flushes to radiator replacements.

Oil Changes

We can change the oil and replace the oil filter on a large number of commercial vehicle engines.

Suspension work

Feeling an issue with your truck's ride? We can diagnose and fix a range of suspension-related issues so you can drive smoothly.

Rails Service

Noticing issues with power, acceleration, or your mileage? We can diagnose and fix issues with your diesel injectors.

Glow Plugs

Coming up on your glow plug End of Life? Noticing issues starting up your vehicle? We can check or replace Glow plugs.

Need diagnostics or general work?
Work on multiple vehicles over time?

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Our Reviews for Diesel Repair in Fort Worth

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5/5 Stars

Yelp review

Alan took care of one of my trucks that was broken down found the problem quick and repaired it on the spot highly recommended he know his stuff and very honest about his work and prices

Mario P. - Yelp Review

Tried reaching out to him during lunch on a week day. He was able to pick up the phone and offer advice. Extremely professional with a go-getter attitude, I do recommend.

James H. - Google Review

Great Work!

Missael J. - Google Review

Alan Montes

Bringing Better Diesel Repair in Fort Worth


Hi there, I'm Alan Montes, and I own Montes Diesel Repair.

If you're looking for someone experienced, I have over a decade of experience working with tractor-trailer chassis and Diesel engine from multiple manufacturers.

With close to a decade of experience, I'm your man when it comes to having Diesel Servicing performed and done right. I'm available by phone, so just contact me if you want to get Diesel Repair in Fort Worth done and have it done NOW.
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Alan is proudly an ASE - certified mechanic in Fort Worth

Reach out at 682-347-9708  or use the form below!

Located at 508 Haltom Rd,
Fort Worth, Tx 76117

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